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One of the original automotive internet pioneers Gilbert A. Chavez grew up in the automotive industry. Mr. Chavez has been recognized as one of the leading experts in retailing automobiles. He is a true innovator and renowned for his success in team building. Once called the Vince Lombardi of car guys.
He was chosen as one of Dealix Corporation’s Top 25 Marketers, and has had a reoccurring advice column called ‘ASK GILBERT’. He has also written many articles for different publications. He built one of the best Online Credit Union lending and selling programs in the country. His Affinity Partner Selling Programs with United Airlines, Ball Aerospace, U.S. Military, Centura Health, and other organizations were ground breaking and outstandingly successful. He has consulted multicar franchises on how to improve their e-initiatives. His work with non-profits has been inspiring.

“Helping dealers sell more cars and make more money has been my main focus over the years. I am a real car guy who gets it. I get a superb return on investment with their Internet sales, floor sales and marketing back to their owner base with their CRM and other marketing solutions. I am very aggressive in giving dealers real solutions to sell more cars, make more money and take care of their customers. People buy cars from people they like, that is what it is all about.”

Gilbert has the rare distinction of being successful in multiple markets. He has excelled in small rural communities and large metropolitan markets. Moreover, Gilbert has turned around tiny single point stores and huge mega dealerships. “When you put in the correct process, the size of the town, the city or the dealership doesn’t matter.”  “Nothing substitutes for hard work and determination, but building the correct foundation to grease the skids sure makes it a lot easier once the correct process is put in place.”

Gilbert was most recently named to the 2008 Presidential Commission.

A former U.S. Army Infantry Officer, Company Commander, Paratrooper, Mr. Chavez has served as the Chief Operating Officer for the Krumland Auto Group, as the General Manager of the Burt Automotive Network, and most recently as the E-Marketing Director for the Phil Long Dealerships, the largest privately owned dealer group in Colorado. “My job is to surround dealers with amazing technology and with the brightest and most forward thinking car salespeople I can find." I have worked in every sales role that a car dealer has and have been exceedingly successful at every level."

Gilbert has acted as adviser to America Online's, Digital City Denver, Dealix Corporation, and many other distinguished organizations.